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I had a great Customer Experience recently at the Thistle Hotel in Euston, London. I was staying there on business, my first visit to this particular hotel in the city. I wanted to share my experience with you and show how the 4A’s Customer Service principles were put into practice while I was there and the very positive impression it made on me.


The hotel itself is situated alongside Euston station in London and is really easy to get to. From the outside it has a very clean and professional look to it. These clean lines are reflected inside the hotel too and I was met by a fully manned reception desk with three receptionists looking up as I walked across, all smiling and equally welcoming.


How friendly they were. The receptionist I spoke to was particularly friendly and extremely helpful. She determined it was my first visit and went onto tell me about the amenities in the hotel itself and what the local area had to offer before guiding me to where my room was located.


So there was the first A ticked off for me – Appearance – creating that great first impression.


The room was lovely, clean and comfortable with tea, coffee and biscuits too. I’d decided I was going to have a walk out before dinner, so having left the hotel I walked a short distance into London to enjoy the sights.


When I came back I was looking forward to putting my feet up with room service. The menu was extensive and a wide choice on offer. I decided on the artisan breads and what I thought of as an Italian dish to accompany them – sea food tagliatelle.


I was therefore a little disappointed when the dish was delivered and it was spicy noodles and seafood rather than the pasta I’d ordered. The waiter apologised profusely and took the dish away to be replaced with the tagliatelle I’d ordered, however, in my mind’s eye I’d envisaged a creamy sauce to accompany my tagliatelle and sea food rather than the spicy tomato sauce it came with. Totally my fault as the menu didn’t mislead me to this conclusion it just said sea food tagliatelle.


The waiter clearly saw my disappointment and offered to bring me something entirely different, but since time was moving on and I really wasn’t that bothered I told him that this would be fine – but I only ate a fraction of it.


The next morning the room phone rang. It was the restaurant manager. The waiter had seen I’d left the majority of my meal when he came to collect the tray and told his manager about the situation. The manager was ringing to apologise that my food hadn’t been what I was expecting and insisted that I didn’t pay for anything I’d had including entrée and dessert.

How impressed was I?


Very – is the answer.


There’s the other 3 A’s demonstrated too:

Attention – taking notice and doing something about it. They noticed I wasn’t totally happy. They noticed I’d left my food. They took action.

Accuracy – This superpower isn’t just about getting it right first time it’s about what you do when you don’t. And they certainly did something about it.

The final ‘A’ they demonstrated was Attitude. How positive an experience was it for me that their attitude was to please me the customer and get things right for me?


I’m not advocating that businesses should be giving freebies away to every customer, however, that very small gesture really made my day and everyone I’ve spoken to has heard about my experience.


Social media is a powerful thing. I’m now telling thousands more people about it too. Imagine if businesses could energise their customers to become advocates just like me, how much advertising budget could they save, how many more new customers could they attract and how much happier would their existing customers be?


When I’m next in London on business where do you think I’ll be staying? Only one guess!


All for a few straightforward actions. Think about how you could adopt the 4 A’s to Give Your Customers a Reason to Love You and keep coming back.


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