4A’s of Customer Service – Accuracy

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In this series of blogs we are looking at the four key behaviours that make great customer experiences and this one is about Accuracy.

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Keep Calm and do it right

Accuracy – not something you often think about when considering what makes great customer experiences is it?  Although it is usually a key component when thinking about customer complaints.  After all, many complaints come about because of a lack of accuracy.  Mistakes happen all of the time and complaints are often just a short step behind.


But we are not here to talk about complaints, are we?  Well yes and no.


Yes – because complaints show that accuracy is a key factor when it comes to customer service.


No – because actually what we want to do is Be Accurate and minimise complaints.


So, how is accuracy a behaviour, surely it just a process?  Actually it starts with a behaviour and ends with a process.  The behaviour is Pride – pride in doing a good job and getting things right first time.  We don’t talk about pride very much when it comes to how we do things yet it is a driving behaviour for almost everyone who has ever been successful at anything.  It’s that feeling of a ‘job well done’ that really makes the difference and is a game changer when it comes to accuracy.


Sport is a good example of how pride affects accuracy.  We all know that when a sportsperson wins it’s because of their accuracy and we also know that they are proud to have represented their team, or county, or country.  It is what drove them to be at the top of their game.


So taking pride in a job well done that gets compliments from customers and provides job satisfaction is a real driver of accuracy.  Here are some other ways that accuracy can be achieved.


  1. Aim for 100% every time – if you aim for 99% then you accept that it’s alright for 1% of your customers to get less than the rest. Before you know it 98% is okay and then 97%…. it’s a slippery slope. When you aim for 100% every time then every customer gets the opportunity of 100% – every time.
  2. Learn from your mistakes – aiming for 100% every time does not always result in 100% every time, so when mistakes happen make changes to ensure that mistake does not happen again.
  3. Be prepared – Have your kit ready for action, whether it’s a laptop or an order pad, a headset or a steering wheel – mistakes happen when you are not ready so be prepared.
  4. Check it back – always check before you complete the action. Mistakes happen when you make assumptions or rush, so take the time to check back with your customer that you have got their request right.

So Accuracy is the behaviour that can really help not only create great customer experiences but also has an impact on another part of the business – complaints.  Complaints will always happen but taking pride, aiming for 100% every time, being prepared and checking back will minimise those complaints.


Build trust with your customers that you love them enough to be accurate in your dealings with them and give them a reason to love you back.

Accuracy – one of the 4A’s that create great customer experiences and give your customer a reason to love you.


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Jacci Wright


Director New Chapter Learning Ltd