4A’s of Customer Service – Attitude

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In this series of blogs we are looking at the four key behaviours of great customer service and this one will look at Attitude.

Yes I can

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How is it that to create great customer service requires the right Attitude?  After all, as long as the customer gets what they want what has attitude got to do with it?


I take you back to the first two blogs in this series, Appearance and Attention. Imagine making that first impression without a genuine smile on your face or trying to make the customer the centre of your world while checking your emails.


It takes the right attitude to make everything else come from the heart and customers know when you are being genuine or not.  Getting the right attitude is all about how you see the customer and feel about the relationship you have with them.  It’s about being completely focussed on what you ‘can do’ and how you can make it happen with the aim being to see your customer leave you with a smile on their face.


So what gets in the way of this simple aim?


In the world of customer service it can be easy to see every customer interaction as a problem waiting to happen.  The customer wants something and you have to provide it. Every customer becomes a potential problem and the pressure is on so it’s just a small step and the situation is a negative trap that affects your attitude towards your customers.  They have turned into the enemy, a monster that has to be constantly appeased.


When you see customers this way you take on an attitude of going into battle which affects everything that happens before, during and after your customer interactions.  A classic case of ‘cause and effect’.


Attitude is a state of mind – and the ‘battle’ attitude causes a state of mind that will never give your customers a reason to love you.  However easy it is to put on a ‘battle attitude it’s just as easy to put on a ‘can do’ attitude.


Here’s how:-


  1. Be selfish – yes, be selfish. Make it your job to put a smile on every customers face and get real job satisfaction in the process.  The more selfish you are, the more satisfied customers you will have
  2. See each customer as an individual – no two snowflakes are the same and the same can be said about customers so treat each one as the individual that they are.
  3. Each customer challenge is a game – play to win with the prize being that customer smile.
  4. Be ready for every customer – prepare and build your knowledge about your business. As an expert you can face any customer request with confidence, building trust as you go.


Customers want to be able to rely on you.  Having a ‘can do’ attitude builds trust that you will be the customer’s champion.  They will have confidence in you and your brand to make life easy for them.  You will give them a reason to love you and keep coming back.


Having the right Attitude is the foundation of great customer service and along with Appearance, Attention and Accuracy a great customer experience is bound to happen.



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Jacci Wright

Director – New Chapter Learning Ltd