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Give your customers a reason to love you

with the 4 A's of Customer Service Training Programme

Meet the Team

Michelle Holmes

I have a passion for helping people and in my working life that manifests itself in the shape of helping people learn. Whether that be learning how to build great training solutions or adopt new training methods, or teaching people new knowledge and skills. Whichever it is, I really love my work.


Seeing light bulb moments happen are the best bit of my job. When suddenly things that perhaps didn’t make sense before suddenly do. This happens a lot in our InsideOut course and also when I’ve been talking to businesses about how eLearning could help them and how they might use it to create passive income streams they hadn’t even thought about.


Creating innovative training solutions where learners play games, dance and have fun while learning. Those are definitely the best times. And getting great feedback, for example from a trainer in Barclaycard that they were ’ excited now to be delivering this induction program’ when I’d helped give it a makeover.


Having comments from an evaluation company that ‘our results were unprecedented and off the chart’ Now that’s what makes my day.


Jacci Wright

My first love is science and learning is a fascinating world to work in as an amateur scientist!  No matter what the subject I absolutely love the challenge of making the process of knowledge transfer to the learner as easy and simple as possible.


Learning is something that happens every second of the day and everyone has a hunger for information.  I am committed to making every learning activity that we create as useful and informative as possible.  Every bit of our courses has a purpose, from the visuals to the language to the colour of the paper we use – nothing is there by chance.


I get very excited when my learner immediately starts to use something they have just learned, making a sea change in their behaviour right before my eyes – amazing!


It may be a bit cheesy to say that I love my job, but I do!  Making a difference is what it is all about and there is nothing too cheesy about making that difference with fun and scientifically tested learning.