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with the 4 A's of Customer Service Training Programme

The rise of the invisible customer

The rise of the Invisible Customer BY  NEW CHAPTER LEARNING             Do you treat your customers’ as though they’re invisible?   How often have you gone into a retailers and the sales assistants have ignored you, or acknowledged you briefly when…


999 – Emergency Customer Service

BY  NEW CHAPTER LEARNING Have you ever thought about Customer Service and the Emergency Services in the same sentence? Well now’s the time. Emergency Services – in the UK Top Ten for great customer service   When it comes to being ranked for Great…


4A’s of Customer Service – Accuracy

A is for Accuracy In this series of blogs we are looking at the four key behaviours that make great customer experiences and this one is about Accuracy. You can read about the other three, Appearance, Attention and Attitude by visiting our website Accuracy…


What makes a training program great?

So what is it that makes for a really great training course. I’ve been privileged to be training a Customer Service Programme for the last few weeks and had some excellent feedback from my delegates, including the plaudit of being ‘the best trainer they’ve had’…