Free Activity – Building rapport – Show your customer you’re really listening


When we communicate with our customers it’s not only important that we listen to the words they say, repeat them back to them so they know we’ve heard and understood them, but more importantly still, is that we use the customers’ own words when we’re recounting what they’re telling us.


We all make assumptions, and in turn can sometimes interpret what people are saying to us and this can sometimes turn into misunderstanding and miscommunication. In the case of delivering excellent customer service it is especially important that we don’t make assumptions about what the customer is telling us. Something that’s especially useful in improving communication is, wherever possible, to use the customers own words.


By recounting what the customer has said to you helps to make sure that you’ve totally understood what they’re telling you and also demonstrates that you’ve really listened to them.


This activity is going to look at how you can make sure you capture the words the customer uses in their conversation. This will help you to gather all of the relevant information you’ll need to be able to help them and improve the service you give to your customer by building rapport.


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