Free Activity – Goal Setting – Give Yourself an ‘A’

Thumbs upThis session is taken from the book ‘The Art of possibility’ written by Ben and Roz Zander and is a simple technique to help visualise a goal and work out how to get there.


Very often we presume failure before we have started. None of us can see into the future so why not presume success and plan for that instead.


The principle of ‘Giving an A’ starts with awarding yourself a mark of success before you have even started. All that is required after that is to work out how you will earn that mark.


By taking yourself to a point into the future when you have completed your goal, you then use your imagination to work out what happened just before that, and then just before that, until you have worked out what had to happen from now to reach the goal.


You then have a complete action plan of how to successfully achieve that goal. Simple!


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