Free Activity – Using Critical Thinking and Reasoning when handling complaints

The Question is?

The Question is?

When deciding on how best to handle a customer complaint, you need to make sure that you use all of the information at

your disposal to help you to come to the fairest decision about it. The way in which you review the background details and information that led to the complaint being made in the first place is crucial to the outcome of the complaint itself. That’s where the use of critical thinking and reasoning comes in.


Interesting quote


“The person who thinks before he acts seldom has to apologise for his acts.”

Napoleon Hill – Author


Really taking the time to think about the complaint, review all of the information you have at your disposal and making an informed decision, all comes on the back of critical thinking and reasoning. Even though you might not recognise this as being the process you’ve followed.


The way you work through the information needs to be done in a logical and considered way.


This activity will explain how critical thinking and reasoning can be applied to a problem. It will give you the opportunity to practice your own critical thinking and reasoning skills and finally, it will explain how you can apply these skills to your role


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