Free Team Activity – First Impressions – How perceptions might affect your Customer Service

How many times have you been put off by poor first impressions and then found your first impression not to be totally accurate?

Sometimes first impressions are created before a customer even gets to speak to a member of staff. This is especially true in the case of Call Centres, where complex front end IVR systems may have tainted the customers experience already.

In this situation you may need to work even harder to create a great first impression.

What sorts of things impact on your first impressions of a business? It almost always starts with the impression your business gives from the outside. This may be based on brand awareness, the products it sells, the premises it does business from, its website or marketing or even from the impressions its existing customers have shared. You may have little or no impact on that actual first impression, however you have total control over the first impression you give.

This activity has been designed to really raise your own self-awareness and get you thinking about your own perceptions and the first impressions you create.

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