Free Team Activity to help create a great first impression with your customers

images (4)All customer facing businesses want to offer their customers an exceptional service and indeed some even aspire to ‘delight’ them. How you start and finish every conversation with your customer is particularly important. This team activity is focused on how you do that when customers call your business rather than seeing you face to face.


Interesting fact: 

You only have 4 – 14 seconds on the phone to create a good impression!


First impressions can be nearly impossible to reverse and therefore extremely important to get right first time every time. Particularly powerful are the first 4 minutes. This is in face to face meetings. We have an even shorter time to make a good impression on the phone, only 4 – 14 seconds. In addition to creating a great first impression, it’s also equally important to create a memorable ending to the call too.


Here’s an activity you can you use with your team which looks at how you can create a great first impression, peak ending and put your customer at ease.


Access your Free Activity here


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