Responsibility – Computer says no

You are responsible for your customers happiness

One of the easiest ways to make your job simple and hassle free is to say ‘No’ as many times as possible.

No – I can’t do that

No – it’s more than my jobs worth

No – I don’t know anything about that part of the business

No – It’s all in the terms and conditions

And a million more ‘No’ reasons that can possibly be thought of.  Now, sometimes we have to say ‘No’ – there are rules that cannot be bent or somethings are just not possible (or practical).

So how often do you say ‘No’ when ‘Yes’ is just as easy?

Watch this video and about responsibility and then look at what you could do differently.

Little Britain – Computer says no

Do Something Different Today


How many times do you say ‘No’ to a customer request in a day?  How many of those times are about what you really can’t do and what you actually don’t want to do?

Your customer is looking to you as the expert and service provider to solve their problem.  They come to you to help them because they are unable to do it themselves.

And it feels great when you help a customer and get rewarded by a smile and a thank you.

So start today with a ‘Yes’ tally.  Say yes as often as you can and commit to making your customer smile.

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