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Give your customers a reason to love you

with the 4 A's of Customer Service Training Programme

Customer Service Spring Clean

Did you give up something for Lent? How about getting something new for Spring?


Dust off the old, polish up the existing and try something new, to give your customers a reason to love you with our Free Customer Service Focus Plan.


It is been said that it takes about 30 days to form a habit and the best way to do this is with a plan.  That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and come up with a series of stories, fun activities and tips that you can use that will fit easily into your working day.  You can do one a day or one a week – it’s up to you!


And when you put the things that we will share with you into action you will notice how it makes a real difference to you and your customers.3d man cleaning copy


Yes, it’s free, and your first activity get’s you to focus in on what you want to get out of the plan – what will success look like for you and your customers?


Go to the first item on the Introduction tab – Giving yourself and ‘A’ and get your Customer Service Spring Clean Focus Plan off to the best possible start.


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Getting Started with the 4 A’s principles


  • They say its best to start with the end in mind so what will the success you will get from following the plan look like for you and your customers? We have an activity lined up for you that helps you to look into the future and decide what you will be able to do, say and see when you create great customer experiences. Click here to get started – Introduction to the Spring Clean Plan – Give yourself an A.
  • We have found that there are four basic behaviours that make great customer experiences so download this short guide to the four principles of Appearance, Attention, Attitude and Accuracy to kick start your Customer Service Spring Clean.  How you can be a Customer Service Superhero – the basic principles

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Principle 1 = Appearance

      Here are a group of articles and activities to help you spruce up your Appearance skills.

        Just click on the links to get your resources and have fun!
  • What is Appearance?
  • Customer Service – Who’s job is it anyway?
  • Smile Mondays – Useful tips for when work is the last place want to be
  • Leave your customer smiling
  • First impressions on the phone – This makes a great team activity but can also be a useful thought provoker if you prefer to work alone
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  • Principle 2 = Attention

    Complete focus on your customer is the surest way to give them a reason to love you and keep coming back.

        These articles and activities will help you make your customer the centre of your world.
  • What is Attention?
  • Walk in your customers shoes
  • It’s not you – its me.  Building better customer relationships
  • Make recommendations – customers love it!
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    Principle 3 = Attitude

    In the words of Theodore Roosevelt (past US President) If some one asks if you can do something say ‘yes I can’

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    Principle 4 = Accuracy

    Always aim for 100% and learn from your mistakes –

    These articles and activities will help you get it right first time, every time.


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    Congratulations – You have spring cleaned your customer service skills and are ready to share them with your customers.

    It’s hard to believe that we’ve come to the end of Customer Service Focus Plan. I’m sure if you’ve taken on board all of the insights we’ve given you so far and have started to put them into practice for yourself, you’ll have begun to see some real benefits.

    We’d always say that the road to improving anything is a marathon not a sprint so keep using what you’ve learnt to go from strength to strength.

    Please take this opportunity to look back at the very first activity you did, Give yourself an ‘A’ and see how you’re doing against the goal you set yourself.

    We’d be happy to help you further on that journey if you’d like us too.

    Well your hard work deserves a reward, so as a bit of fun and in recognition of that work you can get your certificate below. Just download it and fill in your name. Why not keep it where you can continue to be inspired to create great customer experiences and always give your customers a reason to love you

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