Standard training templates – A ‘Help’ or a ‘Hindrance’?

Standard training templates – A ‘Help’ or a ‘Hindrance’?As a training designer, how often have you been asked to work with someone elses’ template?


Did you find them a help or a hindrance?


As training designers we have a flair for developing innovative, engaging and impactful learning. How then do we adapt our creative flair to the constraints that are sometimes placed upon us to work within the confines of standard design templates?


Depending on your style, some might find standard design templates a useful framework in which to work, but for others, they may prove to be a tool that restricts their innovation.


What’s your thoughts?


I’ve designed my own training templates. And designed training for companies who have their own and can see merit in both, however the key is in the quality of the content and the ability of the designer to use their expertise within whatever template they use.


Do you agree?


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