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I recently wrote an article on the Customer Service that’s delivered by the emergency services. Some of the comments that were made around the article related to the speed of response in those situations and how that particular attribute may have been reflected in the high scoring of these services when it comes to customer satisfaction. However, not all Customer Service needs to be speedy. In fact, in the case of a major purchase I don’t want to feel rushed into anything, quite the opposite. An example of this is my recent purchase of a new three piece suite.


This was to be a major purchase for us as a family and I wanted to be sure to get it right. My husband and I started looking for new furniture at Easter last year but didn’t actually buy anything until October….


We were unsure exactly what we wanted and in fact were very open minded to the look, style and feel of our new sofas (perhaps why it took us so long!)
We knew the colour palette we wanted but that was our starting point. Over a multitude of weekends we visited a variety of different furniture stores, slowly narrowing our search criteria week by week as we started to understand what we liked and what we didn’t and which fell within our budget.


Part of this rigorous search took us on numerous occasions into Sofaworks at the Metro Centre near Gateshead. Whilst our requirements weren’t always consistent, what was consistent was the great service we got every time we went in. As time went by staff that we’d dealt with and asked numerous questions of, came to recognise us and remembered what we’d looked at with them on previous occasions and were great at making recommendations to help hone our choice.


The last occasion we went in the sales lady greeted us with a ‘Good Afternoon. Not brought your son today then?’ It had literally been six weeks since our last visit, and on only one occasion had we taken our son with us. “Have you still not bought that suite yet? It was the Bradwell you were looking at wasn’t it in the dark brown leather?” Absolutely it was. I was very, very impressed. How special did that make us feel?
Needless to say we bought the suite that day from that salesperson. You might think that this instance might be a one off however what I found was the whole sales process was great, from arranging delivery to the delivery itself. The delivery staff were great, so helpful, making sure everything was exactly right and even helping place the furniture in the room for us until we were totally happy with its’ situation.


Whenever we’ve been speaking to friends or family and the subject of new furniture has arisen, who do you think we’ve been recommending? With over 8 in 10 purchases being influenced by a recommendation of people talking face-to-face* then having customers do this for you is a clear advantage to any business.
So how did Sofaworks measure up against The 4 A’s of Customer Service.


Firstly Appearance – great first impressions both inside and out with staff being friendly and attentive and really creating a fantastic first impression by remembering us and treating us as individuals.
Next Attention – The fact they remembered us and related their opening remarks and conversation to previous interactions we’d had made us feel great.
Accuracy – spot on. They asked some great questions and gave us some really useful information to help us clarify in our own minds what we were actually looking for and helped us to narrow down our choices to what became our final purchase.
The final ‘A’ they demonstrated was Attitude. I always felt valued, important and individual and that the only thought in their mind was helping me get exactly what I wanted.


Think about what you do to demonstrate the 4 A’s to Give Your Customers a Reason to Love You and to act as proactive advocates for your business.


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