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I had a great Customer Experience this week at Tog24 of all places. My husband’s been extolling the virtues of ‘soft shell’ coats and trying to persuade me to get one for myself to use when we’re out walking. Mainly to appease him I agreed to go into one of our local outdoor shops and see what all of the fuss was about. Personally I’d had my eye on a more traditional down filled coat, but hey-ho, I’ll try anything once.


The shop I chose is situated at an outlet shopping centre and is one of a handful of shops offering outdoor clothing. From the outside it has a very clean and professional look to it, with bright window dressing and an array of jackets and coats on display. As I entered the shop there was a member of staff near the door who smiled and acknowledged us as we came in. I spotted the soft shells very quickly and taking one off the rack tried it on. At this point the staff member came over and engaged me in conversation, commenting on the coat and asking how it felt on, as well as asking when I was thinking of using it. Not once did I feel I was being sold to, this was totally service.


I’d noticed the down filled coats I liked further down the shop and mentioned those ones were my preference but to date I hadn’t been able to get one. She asked me my size and went down to get me one to try as an alternative. Unfortunately my size wasn’t there so she asked her colleague if they could go and have a look in their stock cupboard. All the while keeping me engaged in a relaxed conversation.


While her colleague was away she suggested I try a similar down coat in a different style to check out the sizing while we were waiting and offering to order me the right size should it not be in stock.


Luckily there was a coat that fit in stock and on trying it, it looked great, even if I do say it myself. Even my husband had to agree that it was much better suited to me than the soft shell!!


She showed me a variation of the down coat in different styles too, from short and long ones, to simple gilets, in fact I could have been persuaded to buy all three versions as I felt so comfortable and totally engaged and persuaded.


On reflection, it was funny for me to be part of a coat buying experience as that’s the example we use in our own customer service training where we have a mystery shopper buying a coat and rating her experience. I felt like Brenda, our Mystery shopper character, however, unlike her initial experience in our training course, which was far from great, mine was a very pleasant one and in fact very impressive.


I’ll definitely be going back.


So how did Tog24 measure up against The 4 A’s of Customer Service.


Firstly Appearance – great first impressions both inside and out with staff being friendly and attentive

Next Attention – How did they demonstrate the Attention super power? They asked some great questions, really listened to my reply and went on to make recommendations to support my needs. They really took notice of me.

Accuracy – spot on. They provided me with exactly what I needed and were prepared to take additional action to get me what I needed should they not have what I needed in stock

The final ‘A’ they demonstrated was Attitude. How positive an experience was it for me that their attitude was to please me the customer and get things right for me? Very much a Can Do attitude.

Think about what you do to demonstrate the 4 A’s to Give Your Customers a Reason to Love You and keep coming back just like Tog24 did for me.



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